Triple A Trash No Show at meeting on Waste Transfer Station

Triple A Trash No Show at meeting on Waste Transfer Station

Triple-A Trash didn’t show up at a Community Relations Committee of the County Board where their proposal for a waste transfer station on the south side of Route 161 west of Biggie’s Cafe was to be discussed.  However, several in opposition did show up and expressed their concerns even though there is no active application.

State’s Attorney Bill Milner explained the current status.

“we actually have no official application, as far as I know, that has been turned in that goes along with our ordinance.  What I’m saying is nothing is going to happen.  We don’t even have an application on file at this point in time.  If there is an application on file, there has to be a public hearing.  It is all set forth in the ordinance what we have to do,” said Milner.

The application process for a waste transfer station was first written in 1993 and includes a $250,000 fee that has to be included at filing to cover any costs the county incurs in holding hearings and investigating an application.

One of the neighboring property owners Mark Clayborne said the boundary of the property was only 400 yards from Raccoon Creek, with the property draining into the creek.

“One of the main things that concerns me about this project is kinda like the gambling situation.  Only on a boat in the river and now we have them in Hucks.  We start bringing trash out there, where is it going to lead 20 years from now,” said Clayborne.

Darrell Ramsier owns 64 acres adjacent to the proposed transfer station site.

“if I want to use it for recreation, trucks dumping during the day, picking up at night, unloader beepers going off, tailgates slamming, the property becomes worthless,” said Ramsier.

Kenneth Hawkins told the committee he just built a $100,000 home.   He is a disabled vet with a heart problem and his wife has asthma.  Hawkins says the project would kill them.

Raccoon Grade School Superintendent Matt Ranaud attended at the request of the school board to obtain more information.  The site is just a short distance from the school.

Another nearby resident has gathered 80 signatures on petitions against the project.

Questions were raised about why the members of the county board had no opposition when the issue first came up at the October meeting.  Committee Chair Tabitha Meador said it was the first time they had heard about the project and they thought it needed to be explored.  She added at that time they had no information at that time that would have led to opposition.

Board Chair Erwin Hahn said the proposal materialized without the board’s knowledge until it came up last month.

Meador said nearby property owners would be notified as required by the approval process of any public hearings.  The board also promised to publically announce any further developments on the project.