Area Road Departments Ready to Battle Heavy Snow   

Area Road Departments Ready to Battle Heavy Snow   

With forecasts to up to a foot of snow in some places over the weekend, area road departments say they are ready.

Salem Public Works Director John Pruden says they have four trucks with plows and spreaders and two additional trucks equipped with salt spreaders to deal with the snow.  He reports if the snow becomes extremely heavy, they can also put backhoes and graders into service.   Salem just recently received a fresh shipment of road salt and are well stocked.

Pruden is requesting those clearing parking lots and driveways NOT to push the snow into the street.  He notes it is against city ordinance to do so and creates dangerous situations for the crews and the motoring public.

In Centralia, Public Works Director Jeff Schwartz says they will concentrate during the snowstorm on keeping the major one way and other primary streets cleared.   Once the snow ends, they will move onto the secondary roads.   Schwartz notes with the addition of Raccoon Lake to the city limits, Centralia now had 200 miles of streets that will need to be cleared.  Centralia has six plow trucks as well as a good supply of salt and cinders.

Marion County Highway Engineer Mike McCormick reports they were pretreating the blacktop roads Friday afternoon.  They’ll then take to the road with plows beginning around 7:30 in the morning.   He reports the highway department has four plow trucks and a pickup.   In most places, they will spread a cinder and salt mixture, with all salt use on ice packed roads.   He says they have a good supply of salt and cinders on hand.