Sandoval Woman Arrested for Child Abduction  

Sandoval Woman Arrested for Child Abduction  

A 28-year-old rural Sandoval woman has been arrested by Salem Police for child abduction.

Police say Siara Stokes of Tonti Road did not have custody of her 10-year-old son and left with him following a supervised visitation at the home where he lived with a relative.

Salem Police was able to ping Stokes cell phone and pinpoint her location at a home in Jefferson County.   Sheriff’s Deputies there located Stokes and transported her to the county line to be turned over to Salem Police for questioning.   The deputies took the ten-year-old to Mt. Vernon where he was turned over to an Illinois Department of Children and Family Services caseworker for further action.

After questioning, Stokes was taken to the Marion County Jail where she remains pending further court action.

Salem Police say the boy apparently went to his mother’s car and got inside on his own before she left the relatives residence with him still in the car.   Reports indicate Stokes had lost custody of the child in a court hearing and the boy had been sent to live with the relatives.   As part of the court order, Stokes had been allowed supervised visitation.

The incident was first reported to Salem Police at 6:35 Saturday night.