CHS Showcase on Stage presents Annie Thursday through Saturday nights

The Centralia High School Showcase on Stage presents Annie Thursday through Saturday nights at the Centralia High School cafetorium.

Director Jami Jacobs says she wanted to select a musical that would showcase her large number of senior actresses. She reports the play also features a large number of younger actors.

“We have a theater camp, usually in the summertime and this year we decided to move it to February so that our theater campers can participate and be some of the orphans in the show.  So we have 32 orphans in the show.”

Orphan Annie is played by Kambrye Atchison.

“Annie is an 11-year-old girl who lives in an orphanage.  She is very determined to find her mother and father no matter what she has to do to get there.  Whether it’s running away or going with a random lady who comes to get her.  She just loves life.”

Alexus Bonner plays Grace Ferrell.

“Mr. Warbucks assistant and I go to the orphanage and ask Ms. Hannigan for an orphan and I see Annie in her office and I pick her.  We become family after that.”

And Daddy Warbucks is played by Zach Dagley who had to shave his head for the role.

“Daddy Warbucks is a business tycoon.  He’s a billionaire.  He comes back from a 6-week trip taking inspection tours of his factories and finds out his secretary has brought home an orphan.  And at first he wants nothing to do with her but over time he develops a relationship and eventually wants to adopt her.”

All three seniors have performed in almost every play since their freshman year.

Jacobs says they’ve been working on the play since school resumed after the holiday break and she says everything has gone smoothly.

Showtime is 7 pm on March 14th, 15th and 16th. Tickets are $5. Advance sales will be done through Ludus Ticketing Service or by calling 618-532- 7391 extension 1146. Tickets purchased online via credit/debit card will have an additional service fee.

Photos and autographs with the cast will be available after the show!