Centralia City Manager announces his resignation effective August 16th  

Centralia City Manager announces his resignation effective August 16th  

Centralia City Manager Dan Ramey has submitted his letter of resignation as of August 16th.   The city council will be asked to accept it at Monday night’s meeting.

Ramey says his only objective that he shared with Mayor Tom Ashby since day one as city manager in July 2011 was to ‘Make Centralia Better’ and ‘Doing the Right Thing’.  He notes even though he has a vote of confidence by both the majority of the existing council and new council to continue serving as City Manager, he feels the ‘Right Thing’ now for the city after speaking with council members and the mayor, is to submit his letter of resignation to allow the Mayor and Council to begin the search for a new City Manager to continue the growth of Centralia.

Ramey plans to continue working on current projects and new grant applications until his resignation date, but does plan to be taking off on a vacation and a couple days a week to use vacation and sick time when possible.

Ramey says he is very proud and honored to have been given the opportunity and confidence to work with the Mayor and Council in so many areas of improving the city from financial disaster, road projects, City Hall, sewer lines, water lines and park and cemetery improvements all while not raising real estate taxes, in fact lowering real estate taxes over the last eight years and working with businesses which resulted in increasing annual retail sales in the city by $30-million.

Ramey adds like most all cities, drug and related problems need to continue to be truthfully discussed and acted on in a serious way to get the better results.  He says that includes better and modern law enforcement methods, a quality substance abuse program/center, education, better training, housing and job placement.  Ramey says professionals are willing to work harder on these issues, but even more important is working with youth and parents at a very young age in such matters as truancy will show long term positive results.

Concerning comments made during the election, Ramey says these acts are just part of the business that the city manager has to deal with.  He says he now understands why many people, especially business owners, won’t run for city councils, due to losing friendships and business because of their decisions on the council.  Ramey says the result is many times not getting the BEST candidates which is important for the city’s growth both size and quality wise.

Ramey says he looks forward to spending more time with his family.  He says he will always love Centralia and it will always be home.

Here is the entire letter:    Dan Ramey’s Resignation letter

Photo:  Centralia City Manager Dan Ramey.