Owlbert Eyenstein Joins The 30th Annual Balloon Fest Lineup

Owlbert Eyenstein Joins The 30th Annual Balloon Fest Lineup

The 2019 Balloon Fest in Centralia is pleased to welcome a new special shape to the 30th annual event.

Owlbert Eyenstein will make its first appearance August 16-18 in Foundation Park.  Owlbert in sponsored by Kaskaskia College, a Major Sponsor of Balloon Fest.

Owlbert was created in Brazil and first started traveling with Gary and his wife Diana in October of 2015 and his first event was at Albuquerque, New Mexico.  So far, he has flown in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, the Phillippines, U.K., Netherlands, Germany and Italy.  This year he is mostly touring in the US with a stop in Oregon, 2 in Illinois, 3 in Ohio, 1 in Indiana, and 1 in Texas.  he is also including a first-time trip to Canada and a return trip to Saga, Japan.

Balloon Pilot Gary Moore and his crew chief and wife Diaan have been ballooning for 28 years, starting out in the Central Illinois area where they met in a field where 2 different balloons had to be carried out over a fence.  Gary was flying one and Diana was chasing for another pilot.  They have operated 2 different corporate programs, including the Tony the Tiger balloon for the Kellogg’s company that has appeared at the Centralia event several times.  They also flew a 165 foot tall beer bottle balloon for Anheuser-Busch for 3 years and currently operate the Remax Balloon for the Las Vegas Market area.

Gary has flow several different Special Shape balloons over his career, including the rain forest tree balloon, Woodrow C. Greenleaf, which has also made a few appearances in Centralia and their newest shape Owlbert Eyenstein appearing in 2019.  Also including the Angry Bird Balloon, Bimbo Bear, Oggy the sea monster, Miss Daisy, Mr. Winter, The Bees, 3 Monkeys, Humpty Dumpty, and Buzzy.

Ballooning has provided many opportunities for Gary and Diana including flying balloons in 23 different countries and in 40 of the 50 states.