Marion County Board moves to address internet problems    

Marion County Board moves to address internet problems    

The Marion County Board is moving ahead with plans to improve internet availability to county offices.

Building Committee Chair Dr. Creighton Engel says since the main server was moved to the basement of the Marion County Law Enforcement Building, county offices have extremely slow to no internet service.

“Computers a lot of them are crashing.  We’re having problems transmitting data back and forth to the new server that is over in the sheriff’s department at the jail.  That’s a problem because the fiber optic cannot carry the volume that has to move back and forth,” said Engel.  “The other problem we have are the switches.  We’ll be looking at replacing those or getting whatever we can afford.”

Engel still believes moving the server was the right decision because the jail has backup generator power which the courthouse does not.

The board Tuesday night authorized XT solutions to install new fiber at a cost of about $4,000.  Bids will be sought on the switches, which are expected to be around $70,000.

With so many building issues this year, Board Member Erwin Hawn questioned if there would be enough money in the contingency fund to cover the cost.

The board doesn’t have accurate information on fund balances right now as the county treasurer’s office is working with its software vendor to work out issues to allow the reports to be generated.   Engel has been told they are getting close and information may be available when a special board meeting is called in the next few weeks to act on the bids.

Regardless of the financing, the board was told the problems need to be fixed so county offices can function.

Engel warned there are other building issues as well that still need to be addressed.  The board agreed to go out for bids on a new Public Service Building rooftop unit.   The current unit has stopped working.

Engel says there is a whole list of small items at the public service building that needs to be addressed.  Another project that he feels is critical is care of the clay terracotta on the upper levels of the outside courthouse walls that is irreplaceable if it falls into poor repair.

With so many emergencies, the county board increased the amount that can be spent on emergency repairs without board action from $5,000 to $10,000.