Marion County Board being mandated to construct Lactation Room

Marion County Board being mandated to construct Lactation Room

The Marion County Board was told Tuesday night the State Supreme Court is mandating them to have a lactation room available for nursing mothers.

Building Committee Chair Dr. Creighton Engel will be meeting with the county’s architect and a contractor on Thursday to discuss the exact location of the room on the first floor of the courthouse.

“More or less a small table for changing and a seat.  We are not required at this present time to put water in there but we are thinking that may come down the line.  Which is one reason we are going to have it near the women’s bathroom because there is water available there.”

The board was told the room needed to be separate from the bathroom. Engel reports the estimated cost of the project is under $10,000 and should take less than two weeks to complete once the go-ahead is given to the contractor.

Engel says the deadline for having the room available has already passed. In other action during a brief 20-minute meeting, the board learned the annual Department of Corrections inspection of the Marion County Jail found no violations and three improvements since the last visit. Board Chair Debbie Smith commended the sheriff’s department on their work.