Good crowd shows up to looking over Salem Theater expansion

Good crowd shows up to looking over Salem Theater expansion

The ribbon is cut by the Salem Chamber of Commerce on the new Salem Community Theatre addition.

The Salem Community Theater and Cultural Center showed off the new rear addition to their building during a Thursday afternoon open house.

The Chair of the Theater Board, Drew Johnson, says the addition provided needed space and facilities to be able to properly put on performances.

The backstage bathroom was one of the biggest needs of the theatre. Board member Jennifer Hunziker is pleased to show it off.

“Biggest one that can’t be undersold is we have a dedicated bathroom facility that we have wanted for 15 years but we also with that have dressing room facilities, hair and makeup area as well as production space for our set building, construction and storage so we are not trying to share the stage space with our sets,” said Johnson.    “We have a dedicated space upstairs not only to store kids when we are doing big shows like Missoula or high school shows where you have large numbers of students who aren’t on stage at every moment.  But also a secondary practice and rehearsal space in that green room.  So it really added a lot to the production value of the theater.”

Johnson says the school’s current production of Mary Poppins would not be possible without the additional space.

The cost of the addition totaled a quarter-million dollars. Johnson reports there is still some drywall and painting work to be done over time by theater volunteers.


The green room provides another practice area as well as a gathering place before going on stage.