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Former NASA engineer reflects on her historic Apollo 11 role

NASA(NEW YORK) — This year marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the NASA space mission that led to the first men walking on the moon.Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins made the historic journey in 1969, with Armstrong becoming the first to set foot on the moon and speaking the now-famous words,…read more »

Horchata, unicorn are among top trending ice cream flavors of the year

udra/iStock(NEW YORK) — Here’s the scoop: July is National Ice Cream Month and July 21 is National Ice Cream Day, which means you have even more reason to cool down with two scoops of your favorite flavor.Square just released data about America’s iconic dessert, and there’s nothing too vanilla about this year’s trendiest ice cream…read more »

American workers could face legal jeopardy for using racist ‘go back’ insult

DNY59/iStock(NEW YORK) — “Go back to Africa.” That was the insult that Ebrima Jallow said he heard repeatedly from his supervisor and fellow co-workers while working at the Walmart in Landover Hills, Maryland. Despite his recent promotion to the position of Asset Protection Coordinator, overseeing security and theft prevention efforts at the facility, Jallow said…read more »

LA home where Manson followers brutally killed the LaBiancas is now for sale

SondraP/iStock(LOS ANGELES) — The Los Angeles home where Charles Manson’s followers brutally killed a married couple is now for sale.Grocer Leno LaBianca and his wife Rosemary LaBianca were ambushed at their house on August 10, 1969. They were stabbed multiple times and the word “war” was carved on Leno LaBianca’s stomach.The killers also used their…read more »

Hot dog fans can relish a stay in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile with Airbnb

joshuaraineyphotography/iStock(CHICAGO) — A hot dog may not be considered a sandwich, but now it can be a home.Oscar Mayer is opening the doors of its infamous Wienermobile for the first time ever to give hot dog lovers a chance to book an overnight stay in the 27-foot hot dog on wheels through Airbnb.This summer guests…read more »