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Human-to-human transmission of new coronavirus reported in China

nopparit/iStock(NEW YORK) — The new coronavirus that has infected more than 200 people in China has been transmitted between humans, according to Chinese health authorities.Zhong Nanshan, who heads up China’s National Health Commission, told Xinhua News Agency, China’s official state-run news organization, that two cases of human-to-human transmission had been confirmed in China, one in…read more »

Woman goes from weighing 350 pounds to four-time marathoner

Liz Rock(NEW YORK) — Liz Rock started her transformation journey four years ago weighing 350 pounds. The 29-year-old Boston resident is now 150 pounds thinner, a four-time marathoner and a fitness instructor.”At 350 pounds there were a lot of things I couldn’t do, simple things that people don’t have to think about if they‘re not…read more »

3 US airports will screen passengers from Chinese city for new virus

anyaberkut/iStock(NEW YORK) — Three airports in the United States will screen passengers arriving from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of an outbreak of a new coronavirus that’s in the same family as SARS, MERS and the common cold, health officials said Friday.Starting Friday, travelers passing through San Francisco International, New York’s John F. Kennedy and Los…read more »

Flu shot isn’t an exact match, but you should still get it

Pornpak Khunatorn/iStock(NEW YORK) — This year’s flu shot isn’t an exact match for the flu strain that’s been circulating most widely, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it, health experts say. “The influenza vaccine protects against various strains, three or four, depending on which vaccine you receive,” said Dr. William Schaffner, medical director for…read more »

Risque condom packaging leads to HIV campaign suspension

CatLane/iStock(SALT LAKE CITY) — An HIV campaign in Utah was suspended over raunchy condom packaging it featured, according to the state’s health department. Condom wrappers had taglines that Gov. Gary Herbert deemed inappropriate, prompting him to urge the Department of Health to stop distributing them, spokeswoman Jenny Johnson, of the health department, told ABC News…read more »

Binge drinking is on the rise: What to know about the risks

Peopleimages/iStock(ATLANTA) — The number of drinks Americans are consuming per bingeing episode has increased dramatically, according to a new study.The annual number of binge drinks among adults who reported binge drinking jumped on average from 472 in 2011 to 529 in 2017, a 12% increase, according to the study published Thursday by the U.S. Centers…read more »