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New single pill combines blood pressure and cholesterol medicines

DNY59/iStock(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) — Two medicines for high blood pressure, another two to lower cholesterol – what if you could take just one pill for all of them? That new all-in-one medication, also known as a polypill, worked just as well to prevent and treat elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol, according to a new study…read more »

Bipartisan bill proposes banning flavored e-cigarettes amid vaping crisis

HAZEMMKAMAL/iStock(WASHINGTON) — As public health concerns over vaping continue to build, two congressmen are introducing bipartisan legislation aimed at curbing the habit, especially among underage users.The move comes as the Trump administration has proposed banning all flavored e-cigarettes and at least two states — New York and Michigan — have taken action to do the…read more »

How to best protect against the flu this season

ljubaphoto/iStock(NEW YORK) — Some experts have already predicted a severe flu season so it’s time to take the proper health precautions and understand the best ways to protect against the virus. ABC News’ chief medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton weighed in on Good Morning America to share her take on this year’s strain, the vaccine…read more »

Two dads welcome two babies born nine days and hundreds of miles apart

Courtesy George Arison(SAN FRANCISCO) — Newborns Luka Arison Luo and Emilia Arison Luo are siblings who arrived in the world nine days and more than 300 miles apart earlier this month.The babies, who share the same biological mother, were birthed by two different surrogate women and share two dads who spent nearly three years bringing…read more »

Mosquito-borne virus threat grows with new Michigan cases

iStock(NEW YORK) — Michigan health officials amped up their warning about a rare mosquito-borne virus Tuesday, after the state’s Department of Health and Human Services confirmed four new cases of Eastern equine encephalitis disease (EEE). Two of the state’s seven cases so far this year were fatal.”Michigan is currently experiencing its worst Eastern equine encephalitis…read more »

A doctor joined an app popular with teens to teach about the dangers of vaping

high-number/iStock(ROBBINSDALE, Minn.) — One doctor has found a foothold with the trendy social media platform TikTok to try and appeal to teens in hopes of discouraging e-cigarette use. Dr. Rose Marie Leslie, a family medicine resident at the University of Minnesota North Memorial Hospital, has taken a new approach to the app popular among younger…read more »

Major new beverage guidelines for kids 5 and under: What parents should know

SilviaJansen/iStock(NEW YORK) — Give kids little to no juice and more water. That’s the top line of what parents need to know about major new beverage guidelines for children from birth to age 5 issued by an unprecedented collaboration of major health organizations.The guidelines show that beverages “may have the same impact on our overall…read more »