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Teen receives historic double-lung transplant due to vaping-related illness

peterspiro/iStock(DETROIT) — A Michigan teen was facing “imminent death” when he received a historic double lung transplant as a result of a vaping-related illness, doctors said. A Michigan teen was facing “imminent death” when he received a historic double lung transplant as a result of a vaping-related illness, doctors said. “This teenager faced imminent death…read more »

Flesh-eating bacteria that resulted in quadruple amputation reveals deadlier new strain

ClaudioVentrella/iStock(NEW YORK) —  Multiple strains of bacteria can combine to create a potentially deadly flesh-eating infection, according to a newly published case by researchers.When a patient arrived at a hospital with necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating infection, doctors did not know that the infection in question compromised multiple strains of bacteria. To save the patient’s life,…read more »

Brain scans show the minds of girls and boys are similar in math

Ridofranz/iStock(NEW YORK) — As more and more advocates and organizations work to dispel the myths that boys are better at math than girls or that women don’t belong in STEM fields, new data is supporting their case.Boys and girls show the same brain activity when it comes to math, according to a new study published…read more »

New measles case reported in metro Atlanta

ABC News Photo Illustration, Adapted from the LexisNexis StateNet Database and the Immunization Action Coalition, May 2019 (ABC News)(ATLANTA) — Cobb County, a suburban part of Atlanta, Georgia, confirmed a case of measles in an unvaccinated person, according to state health officials.The individual may have exposed others to the infectious disease between Oct. 31 and…read more »

13-year-old Broadway star Laurel Griggs dies after asthma attack, family says

Davizro/iStock(NEW YORK) — A 13-year-old Broadway actress, Laurel Griggs, has died after an apparently fatal asthma attack.Laurel appeared in the Tony award-winning show, Once. The musical shared news of the star’s passing in a Facebook post Saturday.”This beautiful young lady was part of our Once family. Please keep her family in your prayers.”Laurel’s grandfather, David…read more »

Anti-vaccine leaders targeting minority becomes growing concern at NYC forum

baona/iStock(NEW YORK) — Despite decades of rigorous research, proving time and time again that vaccines are safe, and copious evidence that vaccines work, saving an estimated 732,000 children’s lives and preventing millions of hospitalizations over the last 20 years, the scientific community continues to fend off assaults from a relatively small number of ardent anti-vaccine…read more »

Results of 10-year-study link insomnia with heart disease and stroke

yanyong/iStockBy Dr. Angelo Landriscina (NEW YORK) —  People who have trouble sleeping may be at higher risk of heart disease and stroke according to a new study published today in the medical journal Neurology.Researchers from Peking University in Beijing China followed 487,200 Chinese adults for a decade to examine the relationship between insomnia and cardiovascular…read more »