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Drug testing will be mandatory for students at Ohio Catholic high school

Sergey Mikheev/iStock(HAMILTON, Ohio) — A Catholic high school in Ohio will drug test all of its student beginning in January 2020.Stephen T. Badin High School, located in the city of Hamilton, will launch the required testing as part of its health and wellness initiative to keep the campus and students drug free, according to a…read more »

Cameron Boyce’s parents raise awareness about epilepsy with new PSA

ABC(NEW YORK) — When 20-year-old Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce died unexpectedly in early July, fans were stunned to learn it was from having a seizure in his sleep. Just four months after his death, his family and friends are coming together for a PSA to shine a light on the condition. “We don’t want…read more »

Man loses nearly 200 pounds, gets his dream job as a police officer

Courtesy Romar Lyle(NEW YORK) — Romar Lyle’s dream job was becoming a police officer, and now thanks to a nearly 200-pound weight loss, his dream has become a reality.Lyle grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and said he and his friends sometimes would have their possessions stolen. Whenever that happened, Lyle said he felt “hopeless”…read more »

Mom pulls the plug on screen time — find out what happened after

Molly DeFrank(FRESNO, Calif.) — When a Fresno, California, mom’s children were acting up, she, at first, wasn’t quite sure what was behind it.”Was it sugar or lack of sleep?” Molly DeFrank asked herself.DeFrank then notice they were particularly grumpy when it came time to turning off their screens. And then one day, it was the…read more »

Teen receives historic double-lung transplant due to vaping-related illness

peterspiro/iStock(DETROIT) — A Michigan teen was facing “imminent death” when he received a historic double lung transplant as a result of a vaping-related illness, doctors said. A Michigan teen was facing “imminent death” when he received a historic double lung transplant as a result of a vaping-related illness, doctors said. “This teenager faced imminent death…read more »

Flesh-eating bacteria that resulted in quadruple amputation reveals deadlier new strain

ClaudioVentrella/iStock(NEW YORK) —  Multiple strains of bacteria can combine to create a potentially deadly flesh-eating infection, according to a newly published case by researchers.When a patient arrived at a hospital with necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating infection, doctors did not know that the infection in question compromised multiple strains of bacteria. To save the patient’s life,…read more »

Brain scans show the minds of girls and boys are similar in math

Ridofranz/iStock(NEW YORK) — As more and more advocates and organizations work to dispel the myths that boys are better at math than girls or that women don’t belong in STEM fields, new data is supporting their case.Boys and girls show the same brain activity when it comes to math, according to a new study published…read more »

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