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Democrats and Republicans come together to end surprise medical bills

DNY59/iStock(WASHINGTON) — Katie Porter while fighting through the pain of a burst appendix during campaigning and just weeks before election day in Irvine, Ca., texted her campaign manager that she needed to go to the hospital.Even though there was an emergency room close by she asked to go to Hoag Hospital because she knew her…read more »

Rare eastern black rhinoceros born at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo

(Courtesy Lincoln Park Zoo) An eastern black rhinoceros named Kapuki gave birth to a calf at Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, May 19, 2019.(CHICAGO) — Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo recently welcomed the birth of a critically endangered black rhinoceros after more than a year of waiting.A 13-year-old eastern black rhino named Kapuki went into labor Sunday,…read more »

How these two moms each lost more than 100 pounds

Courtesy Victoria Brady/Laura Rosenthal(NEW YORK) — Being a mom is hard enough but being a mom who struggles with weight can be devastating. For Victoria Brady, it was a pediatrician expressing concerns about her 1-year-old son’s weight that spurred her to make a change for herself too. “I decided I was tired of failing and…read more »

Everything to know about kombucha: Is it worth the hype?

andipantz/iStock(NEW YORK) — No longer relegated to health food stores, kombucha has made a big splash in the world of beverages.The fermented tea drink can now be found on the shelves of grocery stores and even convenience stores.Kombucha typically comes with a hefty price, usually $4 or more per 16-ounce bottle, and a lot of…read more »

Here’s what this 7-year-old thinks about having Down syndrome

Lauren Ochalek(NEW YORK) — If you’ve ever wondered what a kid with Down syndrome thinks about it, Ellie Ochalek has your answer.Turns out, she thinks it’s a pretty good thing, if you consider the words “powerful,” “loving,” “kind” and ” grateful” — all positive personality traits. In a video shared with ABC News’ Good Morning…read more »

Misinformation around abortion bills causing confusion and fear for patients

jetcityimage/iStock(NEW YORK) — Dalton Johnson knew that his phone would be ringing off the hook.Every time Alabama lawmakers or courts move on a bill that chisels away at abortion rights, patients call in with questions for the Alabama Women’s Center, one of the three clinics that provide abortions in the state, which is owned by…read more »

How much is too much? Test could show effect of gaming on your kid’s brain

Courtesy Andrew Newberg(NEW YORK) — Cash, a 10-year-old boy who lives in Los Angeles, is obsessed with the game Fortnite, his mother Rusti says. Fortnite represents the current pinnacle of game theory and player engagement. It’s filled with bloodless violence, intensity and it’s peppered with random surprises.It’s constantly being updated with pop-culture add-ons and it’s…read more »