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Life after suicide — for an ABC News correspondent

ABC News(NEW YORK) — James Longman, a successful foreign correspondent for ABC News, is in a club no one wants to belong to: suicide survivors.”There’s been a lot of secrecy in my family about it. This is not something that people want to talk about now, let alone all these years,” Longman told Dr. Jennifer…read more »

Parents tackle common football injury that took their son’s life

The Taylor Haugen Foundation(NEW YORK) — For one Florida couple, their life’s work to prevent injuries among young athletes is motivated by the loss of their son, Taylor.Every parent’s worst nightmare came true for Kathy and Brian Haugen when they lost their son when he was just 15 years old. He died while doing what…read more »

Mediterranean diet may help protect against symptoms of depression

IGphotography/iStock(NEW YORK) — The Mediterranean-style diet, long associated with longer life and reduced risk of cancer, may also help protect against depression, new research shows.Researchers in Greece found that a diet rich in vegetables and lower in poultry and alcohol — two hallmarks of the Mediterranean diet — was associated with a decreased likelihood of…read more »