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Lightning strike disables tornado warning sirens throughout Marion County  

Marion County Emergency Services and Disaster Agency Coordinator Donnie Brooks says a lightning strike on the 911 tower has knocked out the system to remotely sound the tornado warning sirens in Salem, Centralia and rural communities throughout the county.

Brooks says the strike occurred during heavy thunderstorms last Friday.   He is currently seeking bids to repair the damage.  Brooks says until repairs are made there is no way to set off the sirens remotely from the 911 office or Centralia and Salem Police Dispatch Centers.   As a result, residents will need to utilize our sources such as local media or weather radios to access information on tornado warnings.

Brooks says there was other damage as well.   He reports the antenna and coax will have to be replaced along with their base radio counsel.   The security and fire alarm systems, as well as at least one computer, were also damaged.

Salem Aquatic Center

City of Salem to host Moonlight Bike Ride and Swim

The City of Salem will host a Moonlight Bike Ride and Swim Saturday evening.

Annette Brushwitz is organizing the event that begins at the Salem Family Aquatic Center.

“We are going to open the pool at 6:30 that evening for a moonlight swim.  The pool will stay open until 10pm.  We encourage everybody to get involved in the bike ride, but its in addition to the swimming.  So we don’t want someone not to show up if they don’t want to participate in the bike ride.  We have glow sticks and other things kids can use to decorate their bikes or purchase those things on their own to decorate if they want to.”

The bike ride will begin at about 8:45. There will be a four mile family ride or a 17 mile adventure ride. Security will be provided for the ride.

Salem Cycles and the city will selected one of the bicyclists for Best Decorated “GLOW” bike.

The $5 admission charge per person includes pizza, drink, swim and bike ride. There will be door prizes for all in attendance.

courtroom gavel

15-year-old juvenile sentenced to 30 days detention for obstructing justice in death of Jaden Lee Krauss

Judge Ericka Sanders has sentenced a 15-year-old Centralia juvenile boy to 30 days in juvenile detention for lying to police about the death of 13-year-old Jaden Lee Krauss.

The juvenile is already serving five years in the juvenile department of corrections for an unrelated burglary conviction. The time will be served concurrently.

The 15-year-old entered an open plea to the charge, with the Judge deciding on the sentence.

The juvenile is accused of giving police false information on how Krauss ended up shot on the front porch of the juvenile’s home.

His 13-year-old brother was earlier sentenced to five years probation for felony obstructing justice for lying to police about removing the gun involved in the Krauss shooting from the home. It has never been recovered.

The mother of the boys, Nicole Kirgan, remains in the Marion County Jail awaiting trial for obstructing justice and charges added later for harassment of a witness.

Another 15-year-old juvenile who admitted to shooting Krauss in the head and was earlier sentenced to five years in the Juvenile Department of Corrections for involuntary manslaughter.

Salem Police Logo

Salem Schools starting year with two school resource officers

Salem Grade and High School districts will each have their own school resource officers to start the school year.

Police Chief Sean Reynolds made the announcement.

“At the start of the school  year Officer Craig Vieira is going to be assigned to the School Resource Officer position at the High School, and Officer Ryan Meador will be at both Hawthorn and Franklin Park schools at the start of the year this week.”

Reynolds initially thought they would have to wait to add the second resource officer.

“Our new officers graduate from the Academy next week on the 22nd so they’ll begin their field training program.  We will have them on the street but they will be assigned with our field training officers so we feel like we have enough staffing to have our  School Resources Officers start the school year instead of just having one try to cover all 3 buildings like we did last year.”

The cost of the two officers is being split three ways, with each school district and the city each picking up one-third of the expense.


Centralia man receives minor burns in fire that destroys his shed

A Centralia man received minor burns to his arms and legs in a fire that destroyed a shed outside his home.

Centralia City Firefighters say Charles Redfern of 515 Geary was working on his lawnmower when it backfired and started the fire. The shed was a total loss.

Lifestar Ambulance was called to the scene to assist Redfern.

The fire call came in at 12:12 Thursday afternoon.

courtroom gavel

Three face new charges for aggravated battery or felony domestic battery  

Bond has been set at $75,000 for a 41-year-old Sandoval man who has been charged with aggravated domestic battery.  Robert Honecker of South Mine is accused of strangling a family member and impeding their breathing.   If released on bond, Honecker was ordered to have no contact with the victim or her residence.

A 28-year-old Centralia man has been charged with aggravated battery for striking a child in the face under the age of 13.  Trey Schultze of Holiday Terrace had bond set at $10,000 and was released after posting $1,000 cash bond.  Schultze had the public defender appointed to represent him and was ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim.

A 24-year-old Centralia man has been charged with felony domestic battery.  Luke DeClue of South Elm was accused of grabbing a family member around the neck.  The charge was a felony due to a past conviction.   The public defender was appointed to represent him.

National News

Man flew in plane’s cargo hold from Havana to Miami: CBP

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Jeffrey Epstein’s death ruled suicide by hanging, medical examiner says

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