• Centralia Police have arrested a 15-year-old juvenile boy in connection with one of the incidents in the past week where gunshots were allegedly fired towards a home in the 800 block of East Hausler.

    Police Chief Brian Atchison says the 15-year-old was taken into custody for aggravated discharge of a firearm. He had been identified as a shooter in an incident last Saturday afternoon when the residence and a car outside were both hit with gunfire. At least five shots were reportedly fired in the incident. There were no injuries.

    Atchison says at least two others are believed to have been with the juvenile at the time the shots were fired, but there is not enough evidence to prove the other two were involved in the gunfire. The chief says it is unclear if the juvenile was involved in at least three other incidents in the past week where shots were reportedly fired outside the Haussler street address.

    The juvenile was arrested following a foot chase Friday afternoon. Atchison says they first spotted the juvenile in the 300 block of North Maple. A four to five block long foot chase followed. At one point, the juvenile had disappeared, but he was found hiding in a yard at the Howard and Lincoln Street intersection where he was taken into custody.

    Atchison says after a review of the case, the probation office ordered the 15-year-old detained at the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center until his first court appearance in Marion County Court on Monday.

  • A rural Salem man was overcome by carbon monoxide fumes while working on a car in the garage of his home on Friday.

    Salem Fire Protection District Fire Marshal Bill Fulton says the spring on the garage door of the Paul Smith home on Baker Road was broken and he had not opened the door before turning on the car. He had collapsed outside the car on the garage floor after the fumes apparently built up. Smith was found by his wife just before noon on Friday.

    Firemen got the garage door open and ventilated the garage while emergency medical personnel assisted Smith and took him to Salem Township Hospital.

  • The Odin Village Board has rejected construction of a waste transfer station at Triple-A Trash Service off U.S. 50 near the railroad overpass on the east side of town.

    Mayor Dave Daniels says he's talked to board members and others in the community since the transfer station was requested at the May meeting.

    "You want to get a couple of miles or more out. We have been stewing over it. I've been talking to the board and we've pretty much decided that is a little too close to town," said Daniels. "We have a lot of business there close that it would effect. And traffic coming over the overpass with trucks stopping right there in the road. That had us kind of nervous too. We're afraid we'd have a mess there."

    The owner of Triple-A Jason Ullrich told Daniels he totally understands. He agreed going to the Marion County Board to locate a transfer station in a more rural area may be a better option.

    Ullrich noted Marion County was among the few counties in the area not to have a waste transfer station. The stations are used to gather trash before being placed in larger trucks for the trip to the landfill.

  • The Odin Village Board is investigating its options now that the Centralia Regional Library has announced it will be closing the Odin branch and three others.

    Mayor Dave Daniels is awaiting a survey from an attorney assisting Sandoval that will be given to village residents to determine their feelings on staying in the current Centralia Library District or creating their own district.

    Daniels also wants to talk to the Centralia Regional Library District to determine if the village keeps the Odin library open if residents will be able to order books and have them brought to the Odin Library. The village owns the building where the library is located. Daniels thinks volunteer help may be available to operate the facility.

    The board has to decide by the first of August if they want to follow Sandoval's lead and put a non-binding referendum on the November ballot to withdraw from the Centralia Library District.

    In other action, the board was told the water towers will soon be run electronically. That will allow for quicker detection of drops related to water line breaks. It will also automatically turn on pumps when additional water needs to be pumped into the towers.

    The board announced the village would be spraying for mosquitoes twice a week during the summer.

    The board will make the community center next to village hall a cooling center when a heat index of 100 degrees or greater is forecast.

  • Matthew Stebbins

    A 30-year-old Central City man has been sentenced to four years in prison in the aftermath of a foiled escape attempt during an April sentencing hearing.

    Matthew Stebbins of Richmond Heights Mobile Home Park was sentenced to two years prison for the original methamphetamine charge he entered a guilty plea. Another two years was added on when he entered a guilty plea to one of three aggravated battery charges filed against him for shoving Marion County Correctional Center guards as he tried to make it out the east door of the courthouse. The guard who he pleaded guilty for shoving was able to knock Stebbins to the ground and arrest him.

    Stebbins fled the courtroom during the sentencing hearing after he learned he had tested positive for drug use in a test that was ordered prior to sentencing. He ran down the steps from the third floor to the first floor where he encountered the guards at the security checkpoint.

    Stebbins was given credit for 64 days already served in the Marion County Jail. He'll also have to complete one year of mandatory supervised release.