Centralia City Grade Schools Move Forward on School Consolidation Plan
Superintendent Says Dropping Enrollments, Maintenance Needs, and Staffing Play Into Decision
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The Centralia City Grade School Board is moving forward with its plans that would phase out the use of Field Kindergarten Center and the Lincoln Center.

Superintendent Craig Clark says under the plan being developed, Schiller would become a Kindergarten and first grade center. Jordan would house second and third grade. The Junior High would have a fourth and fifth grade side and a six through eighth grade side. Clark hopes to be in the new configuration by the 2019-20 school year.

The reason for consolidation has multiple parts. Declining enrollment, costs and building maintenance are the big ones. Two buildings that the district is looking at closing only have enough room for one grade level and have maintenance issues.

Clark says they can consolidate and move those two grades to buildings that already have Administration, secretaries, custodians, cooks and support staff. He added they have several personnel in those positions that are retiring over the next couple of years and they will not replace all of them, adding to the District savings.

Clark says the district's initial state aide payments are based on last year's formula and he hopes the additional money being made available under the funding plan will begin to show up at the end of the year. He notes the new money could help in areas where shortfalls have existed in the past and given them breathing room which they didn't have before.


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