Salem Elementary To Increase Sub Pay
District Has Found Itself Falling Behind Other Schools During a Time It Is Difficult to Find Subs
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The Salem Elementary Board of Education increased their pay to substitute teachers as well as substitute paraprofessionals in steps to be on par with area Districts. Superintendent Dr. Leslie Foppe explained of the trouble not only their district, but state-wide with finding qualified substitutes. She explained that their current rate of $70 per day for teachers and up to $57.75 for paraprofessionals. The increase will see substitute teachers get $80 for the first 10 days followed by a bump to $90 and then to $100 after 30 days. The later two rates did not change. Substitute paraprofessionals will receive $9.75 per hour for up to 7 hours maximum per day or $68.25.

In related news, the board also increased baseball and softball pay $10. Softball umps will now receive $55 and baseball will make $60.

The Board also received their district report card with Foppe commenting she was pleased to see improvements made in the district both in overall state testing as well as the PARC exams.

Foppe was also given permission to prepare the District Tax Levy. She explained that currently she believes that they should still be able to do the 4.99% that would not require a truth-in-taxation hearing. However, with the assessment equalization in Marion County set to increase 6%, Foppe says she has a meeting with County Clerk Steve Fox to see what the equalization would mean to the District Levy.

School Librarian Connie Chapman took the Board on a mini field trip a few feet down the hall to the Hawthorn Library to show them the new library website accessible through salem Chapman highlights creative time she allows kids to experience along with various other activities in both libraries at each building.

Franklin Park Principal Tyler Lux reported a big jump in parents attendance for the recently held parent-teacher conferences with 87% participating this year compared to just 67% a year ago.


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