Cedarhurst Official to Make Presentation on the Bryan Statue to Daffy Dill Garden Club

The Daffy Dill Garden Club will hear a presentation Thursday night about the William Jennings Bryan Statue from the Director of Visual Arts at the Cedarhurst Center for the Arts in Mt. Vernon.

Rusty Freeman will provide information on the statues sculptor Gutzon Borglum of Mt. Rushmore fame. He refers to the Bryan Statue as the 'Best Sculpture in Southern Illinois'.

Freeman feels statues of this design should be used as a catalyst for learning, as they represent what the individual stood for, their legacy and how that impacts the legacy they leave behind as a community.

Everyone is invited to the program at the Marion County University of Illinois Extension meeting room at 1404 East Main Street in Salem. The business meeting begins at six, followed by a time of refreshment with the evening's special presentations beginning at seven pm.