Large Number of Bobcats Taken in South Central Illinois

Eight Were Brought Down in Marion County

Hunters and trappers harvested 318 bobcats during the latest hunting season. Many of those were taken in South Central Illinois.

State Department of Natural Resources Spokesperson Ed Cross says Illinois' second bobcat hunting season ran from November 10th through February 15th.

"This year we had 1,000 permits who went out those who participated in the lottery. There was a cap of 350 Bobcats for this season. The cap next year will increase to 375 Bobcats," said Cross.

Of the 318 bobcats harvested this year, 159 were taken by trap, 29 by archery and 130 by gun. Permit holders salvaged another 40 roadkill bobcats during the season.

In Marion County, eight bobcats were taken, including three who were trapped, one killed by archery, three by gun and one that was salvaged from road kill.

Fayette County had the highest total in the area at 18, including 11 that were trapped and seven taken by a gun. In Wayne County, 13 Bobcats were harvested. In Jefferson County, 11 were taken. In Clinton County, nine were killed. Five were taken in Washington County.

The 2018-19 season is scheduled for November 10th through February 15th of next year. Permit applications will be accepted in September.