Workers Being Sought for Saturday to Complete Mountain Bike Trail in Nature Trail

Trail Will Be a 4 Mile Loop from Route 37 to Near the Rear of Salem Township Hospital

Work could be completed on Saturday for the new mountain bike trail in the Bryan Park nature trail area if enough volunteers show up.

Salem City Councilman Craig Morton, who is spearheading the project, says the heavy work to open up the trail has already been completed.

"7:30 in the morning (Saturday) we would like the first group. That will be the pruners that will set off down the flag trail getting the little saplings and weeds and brush out of the way so the two pieces of equipment can get through there. Then at 9, the next group would be rakes, shovels and some pruners. They will follow the machines raking stuff out of the way."

Morton says the trail will be a four-mile loop (two miles each direction) through an underutilized portion of the nature trail that is beautiful to travel. He notes a side benefit is the mountain bikes will no longer compete with pedestrians on the main nature park trail.

The mountain bike trail will be accessible from both Route 37 and behind Salem Township Hospital.