Those With Suspended Drivers Licenses May Not Be Eligible to Go to Jail in Future
Sponsor Says In This Case Jail Is Essentially a Debtors Prison for Administrative Violations
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Criminal justice reform has been on the mind of lawmakers and the Governor for a few years now.

That even trickles down to what can be seen as fairly minor violation including driving on a suspended license. But it's one that can get you tossed in jail. So the House approved a measure to change that.

Republican Rep. Peter Breen says that throwing someone in jail for failure to pay off parking tickets or other minor violations isn't a proper punishment.

"Certainly, we don't want to condone folks driving without a valid license. What this bill does is merely reset the balance," said Breen. "So folks are not thrown in jail, essentially a debtors prison, based on those administrative violations."

If caught, individuals would face another citation but they would not be jailed. The Senate gets a say on the matter next.


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