Governor Rauner discusses plans after leaving office

Governor Rauner discusses plans after leaving office

As Governor Bruce Rauner’s term comes to a close…he’s talking about his future plans.

Governor Rauner says his first priority when he leaves office is to spend time with friends and family that he hasn’t gotten to see as often as he liked.

“Then I would get back into public life.  I will go to what I am very passionate about, building businesses and backing entrepreneurs.  I’ve done that for more than 30 years.  Building and starting companies, using technology to build business.  I’ve been very blessed to be very successful with that and I want to go back and do that some more.”

Rauner says he also wants to continue his philanthropy efforts, especially in education, women’s health issues, and the environment.

“I want to go back into philanthropy in a major way.  I’ve sort of had to step away from that, this was my philanthropy for the past 6 years and now I’m going to go back to more traditional philanthropy.  I’ve told my six kids that when I die I ain’t taking it with me and I’m not going to give it all to them.  And so we are going to donate to schools, higher ed, issues here in Illinois and around the country.”

As for any government or political plans…the Governor says that’s to be determined.

Rauner says the best part of being Governor has been meeting people all over Illinois.  The worst part?  Not getting done all he hoped to accomplish.