EI Volleyball Tournament Starts Monday, CHBC The Top Seed

The regular season in the Egyptian Illini Conference is over, now the post season tournament gets started on Monday at St Elmo High School.

CHBC was the regular season champs followed by 2 seed St Elmo/Brownstown, Patoka was 3rd, Ramsey 4th and Mulberry Grove #5.

Games start Monday with CHBC v. Ramsey at 6, CHBC v. Mulberry Grove at 7 and Ramsey and Mulberry Grove at 8.

On Tuesday, St Elmo opens with Ramsey at 5pm, Patoka and Ramsey at 6pm, St Elmo v. Mulberry Grove at 7pm and at 8pm its Patoka and Mulberry Grove.

On Thursday, October 24th, CHBC takes on Patoka at 6, St Elmo and Patoka at 7 and CHBC v. St Elmo at 8pm.