Timmons/Danielwicz Family wins Harley Queen Trophy in 93rd Annual Halloween Parade     

Timmons/Danielwicz Family wins Harley Queen Trophy in 93rd Annual Halloween Parade     

The Timmons/Danielwicz family float ‘Family of Toys’ won the Harley Queen Trophy in Saturday night’s Centralia Halloween Parade.  Photo by Pat Hodges.

A Float entitled ‘Family of Toy’s based on the Toy Story movie won the coveted Harley Queen Trophy at the  93rd Annual Centralia Halloween Parade Saturday night.   The Timmons/Danielwicz family built the float during the past six weeks.  Marianne Toennies was one of those coordinating the work.

“I had taken the little girls that normally participate in the parade to see Toy Story over the summer.  There were so many characters and so many colors.  We decided to do that because it was something we could all participate in.”

And the float survived the light rain that fell throughout most of the parade and greatly reduced the thousands that normally line the streets.

“We actually had it wrapped in plastic until ten minutes before the parade started,” said Toennies.

The Grand Marshall’s trophy went to the Centralia Chamber of Commerce Harry Potter entry.

Other winners included the Alternative Learning Academy first in the school division.

Murray Center took first in the civic division with Murray Family Fun.  Second place went to Cub Scout Packs 260 and 446 ‘Scouting for Fun’.

The Wehking Family took first in the family division with Ferris Buehler’s Day Off. Second place went to the Davis family ‘Camping is the Answer’.

Ace Hardware with their entry ‘Baseball Fun in Memory of James Maxey’ took first in the commercial division.  2nd place went to Walgreens for their unique Hillbilly Family entry.  The float featuring a Hillbilly scene was attached to the rear of a bus.

In the marching competition, the Centralia High School Dance Team was first and the Infantry group took second.

The one horse entry, Ledger Cullins/Sears, won for best costume.

At one point it looked like the heavy rain that canceled the outside Fall Festival activities would go away by parade time, but after a late afternoon break, the rain returned about an hour before parade time.

The Centralia Chamber of Commerce float ‘Harry Potter’ won the Grand Marshal’s trophy. Photo by Pat Hodges.