Investigation continues into damage at Little League complex in Salem

Investigation continues into damage at Little League complex in Salem

The President of the Salem Little League organization expects damage to total several thousand dollars to the complex after a car drove two of the fields causing heavy damage to the fencing and cutting donuts into the grass. Dave McIntosh expects 75 to 80 percent of the fencing on those two fields to have to be replaced.

He says the vehicle first entered the complex by driving off South College into the northernmost field used for t-ball. The car went through the outfield fence, left muddy tracks across the field, and then damaged more fencing as it exited near the corner of the bullpen. The car then moved into the Majors field where donuts were cut in the field and more fencing was damaged.

McIntosh says it appears the vehicle went airborne at one point after hitting a fence post. He reports there was windshield glass in the area, a spare tire was thrown out, and other vehicle parts left behind.

McIntosh isn’t sure why anyone would want to cause the damage, calling it sad. On the positive side, he said the damage can be fixed.

Meanwhile, Salem Police Chief Sean Reynolds says the vehicle believed involved was found heavily damaged not far away on the south side of town. He reports they have a suspect, but so far have not located him.

Reynolds says the person responsible appears to have suffered some cuts and bruises. Some bodily fluids found in the vehicle have been sent off to the crime lab to try and make positive identification on the driver.

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