Centralia Police say both victim and perpetrator now arrested in Christmas Eve stabbing

Centralia Police say both victim and perpetrator now arrested in Christmas Eve stabbing

Centralia Police Chief Greg Dodson says both the victim and perpetrator in a Christmas Eve Day stabbing have now been arrested.

The alleged victim, 24-year-old Kody Biegeleisen of Commercial Street in Central City, was arrested Thursday for felony disorderly conduct for allegedly filing a false police report about what happened leading up to the stabbing.  He was given a notice to appear in court.

Meanwhile, 23-year-old Justin Landreth of South Pearl in Salem was arrested Wednesday for armed robbery and aggravated battery for allegedly stabbing Biegeleisen four times to various parts of his body.  Landreth has been released by the State’s Attorney’s office pending further investigation, including an interview with another man who allegedly witnessed the stabbing.

Dodson says the other man was interviewed Thursday and is cooperating.  At this point, he is being considered only as a witness.

Biegeleisen initially said he had been stabbed in the area of McCord and East Broadway as part of a random attempted carjacking.  He said a masked black male reportedly stabbed him when he refused to give the man his vehicle.

However, a two-month investigation that is concluding this week showed the initial report was false and Biegeleisen was actually involved in a sex or sex-related transaction for money or drug arrangement.  The break in the case came when a search warrant of Biegeleisen’s phone provided information on the woman allegedly in the sex exchange.   The female subject eventually cooperated with the investigation.

Dodson says they then learned that Biegeleisen met with the female at the Point on Raccoon Lake, while accompanied by Landreth and another man.   An armed robbery was allegedly committed by Landreth who reportedly stabbed Biegeleisen multiple times in the process.

Dodson says the incident received widespread attention on social media, with its false narrative of a random act of violence at a time when family and friends were gathering for the holiday season.  Dodson says they now know it was Biegeleisen’s involvement in a criminal transaction that led to his stabbing.