Social Security Administration fighting scams

Social Security Administration fighting scams

Social Security is not going to call you to discuss issues surrounding your information.

The message cannot be stated enough as the public continues to fall victim to scams from people posing as Social Security representatives.

Jack Myers with Social Security in Springfield says the agency is now taking a proactive approach to educating the public and has launched a series of public service ads to raise awareness of a nationwide impersonation campaign.

“A lot of times they will tell you there is a problem with your social security number or your bank account.  They are always trying to create a sense of urgency.  They are trying to make you think they need to help immediately to avoid arrest or financial hardship, something they are trying to scare you into giving them money, gift cards, your information….any of those things.”

You can report any incidents to the Office of the Inspector General at the social security website, socialsecurity.gov.