Salem 5th Grade Bobcats Turning Disappointment Into Opportunity For Others

Salem 5th Grade Bobcats Turning Disappointment Into Opportunity For Others

The Salem 5th Grade Bobcats basketball team was prepared to travel to  Rockford this weekend of the Illinois Middle School Basketball Association State Tournament they qualified for earlier this season.  However, with the Covid-19 concern throughout the state, country and world, the organizers canceled the event.

“We are all very disappointed, especially the kids.  These are 11 year-olds who have been gearing up for this since we qualified earlier in 2020.  To tell them that our season is over and they aren’t going to get to compete for a state title was hard for them to take, and I saw a lot of really tough kids pretty upset,” said head coach Toby Gullion.

The Bobcats have had a tremendously successful start to their basketball careers with a record of 91-32 since beginning in 3rd grade and stepped up in competition to play in the Staunton Qualifier where they advanced with an exciting overtime win over Bethalto.

“We are turning this into a learning experience and a positive by trying to help other organizations thanks to the donations and support from the local community.”

The Bobcats donated $1000 to the Bobcat Booster Club Friday afternoon.  Two checks were written and given to Athletic Director Suzi Worman.  $500 will be donated to the boys basketball program and another $500 to the girls team.

Salem’s giving will continue on Saturday when the Bobcats will donate money to the Salem Little League at their fundraiser Saturday at the Elks.