Ambulance crew delivers baby in rural Dix  

Ambulance crew delivers baby in rural Dix  

A healthy baby boy was delivered at the home of his mother on the Rileyville Road north of Dix early Saturday morning.

Kell Fire Chief Lonnie McDaneld says two ambulances from Litton’s Ambulance in Mt. Vernon arrived just ahead of Kell firemen.   The all-female ambulance crews were able to instruct the soon to be mother through the birthing process.   Jefferson Fire Protection District firemen later arrived on the scene to assist as well.

The mother and baby were both transported to SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon after the delivery was complete.

The owner of Litton’s Ambulance Service, Angie Litton, says with everything going on the delivery was a good positive boost to the crews.   Litton says the delivery outside the hospital happens occasionally.

Because of health care laws, neither the fire departments or Litton’s Ambulance are able to release any information on the identity of the baby.

The call to the home came at 2:09 Saturday morning.