Coronavirus still weeks away from peaking in Illinois  

Coronavirus still weeks away from peaking in Illinois  

State officials say they don’t expect the number of cases of COVID-19 to peak in Illinois for a while.

A new study out of the University of Washington projects that the coronavirus will hit its peak here on April 14th.  Governor JB Pritzker says they are looking at several predictions.

“Every day there is new information that goes into these models but I think it is fair to say most of the models I have seen, and we have seen a number of them, show we will be peaking sometime in April in Illinois and we are not yet close to that.  We have weeks to go.”

State Public Health Director Doctor Ngozi Ezike says that’s why it’s so important to continue social distancing and staying home when possible.

“There are many who are ill with only mild, minimal symptoms, who still may be unknowingly transmitting the virus to some of our most vulnerable populations.”

Illinois is now up to nearly 46-hundred cases of Coronavirus disease in 47 counties.  65 people have died.