The Salem Eye Clinic presents…Wise World of Wellen

The Salem Eye Clinic presents…Wise World of Wellen

The Salem Eye Clinic presents….Wise World of Wellen
1. Disney World in Florida is legally authorized to build and operate its own nuclear power plant. The odds they actually do it are very low, though.
2. Andes mints aren’t named after the Andes Mountains . . . they’re named after their founder, Andy Kanelos.
3. The first prize Bob Barker ever announced on “The Price Is Right” when it started in 1972 was a fur coat.
4. Purple Skittles aren’t grape in other countries. In England and Australia they’re black currant.
5. About half the cereal brands that come out are discontinued within five years.
Based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and the Illinois Optometric Association, Salem Eye Clinic will be postponing all routine eye care through April 6.
Although the office will be closed for routine exams, their doctors will be available to provide emergency care during this time. Staff will also be available to dispense glasses and contact lens orders already placed, repair glasses, and answer questions.
If you decide to come to the office, please call 548-3506 first as they will have limited hours of operation. If you are a current contact lens patient will need contacts in the near future, please contact the office.