State Representative Darren Bailey removed for not wearing mask

State Representative Darren Bailey removed for not wearing mask

Republican State Representative Darren Bailey of Xenia was removed from the Illinois House during the first day of the session Wednesday for not wearing a mask.

Democratic Representative Chris Welch of Westchester addressed Bailey.

“Representative Bailey will you comply with the house rules?” Welch asked.

“I will not, thank you,” Bailey responded.

“Mr. Speaker. Representative Bailey has noted for the record that he does not intend to come into compliance with the house rules.  This is not something I want to do, but something I must do to enforce the rules of the house,” said Welch.   “So at this time I make a motion to remove Representative Bailey from the house floor until such time he is willing to come into compliance with the house rules.”

Bailey argued all of the members’ desks were spread six feet apart to allow social distancing without a mask.

“You want to send me or anyone else out these doors today I understand, go ahead.  But know this, if you do this you are silencing millions of voices of people who have had enough.  There is a new day coming in Illinois and friends it’s coming soon.  And I hope we can all work together to get there.  This is the people’s House and I implore you to consider that right now.  Thank you very much.”

Bailey also questioned the cost involved in setting up the convention center for the legislative session.

Bailey is set to challenge the constitutionality of Governor Pritzker’s Executive Orders keeping non-essential businesses from fully opening during a Friday hearing in Clay County Court at Louisville.