Illinois now in Phase 4 Recovery

Illinois now in Phase 4 Recovery

Phase four of Governor JB Pritker’s “Restore Illinois” plan begins today in Illinois.

In phase four, groups of 10 or less can dine inside at a restaurant or belly up to the bar for a drink.  Mall food courts, museums, zoos and gyms may reopen and youth sports are allowed as well as outdoor seated spectator events, all at limited capacity.

But the governor says that does not mean people can stop wearing a mask and social distancing when possible.

“The virus hasn’t gone away and when people aren’t wearing face coverings, and gathering in large groups and not practicing physical distancing.  They’re getting sick and some are dying and I mean people of all ages.”

And pritzker says this doesn’t mean Illinois is out of the woods yet the governor says.

“I feel a solemn obligation to emphasize that we expect the journey ahead to be difficult.  As more aspects of the economy open and more person to person interactions take place, there are many more opportunities for the spread of COVID-19.”  

State public health officials say everyone also needs to keep social distancing and washing their hands frequently to help prevent a resurgence of the virus.  Governor Pritzker says if covid cases begin to spike again, he will not hesitate to move Illinois back to tighter restrictions.