Odin Fire Department gets $26,000 grant; 10 others also awarded around the region

Odin Fire Department gets $26,000 grant; 10 others also awarded around the region

The Odin Fire Protection District has received a $26,000 grant from the Illinois Fire Marshal’s Small Equipment Grant Program.

Odin Fire Chief Greg Smith says the money will provide 12 sets of turnout gear to replace gear that is more than 10 years old and is no longer compliant. He notes the help comes at a great time as the department was not able to raise the money due to the cancellation of the Firemen’s Picnic in May. Smith reports the new equipment will allow for all the non-compliant equipment to be retired.

The Illinois Fire Marshal’s office awarded a total of $3.5-million to 154 fire departments/districts and EMS providers around the state.

Illinois State Fire Marshal Matt Perez says ensuring that first responders have the equipment they need to operate effectively and safely is a top priority of the fire marshal’s office. He notes even more so with COVID-19, smaller departments and districts struggle financially to replace or upgrade aging equipment.

Several other departments in South Central Illinois were also provided grants.

North Clay Fire Protection District- $26,000

Sugar Creek Ambulance Service- $17,523.40
Wheatfield Township Fire Protection District- $24,750
Santa Fe Fire Protection District- $26,000
Hoffman Fire Protection District- $25,600

St. Elmo Fire Protection District- $26,000

Woodlawn Fire Protection District- $24,838.38
Waltonville Fire Protection District- $25,988

Ashley Community Fire Protection District- $16,000
Okawville Community Fire Protection District- $26,000