Boat Races on Raccoon Lake this weekend 

Boat Races on Raccoon Lake this weekend 

The race is on during Friday trials at Raccoon Lake.  Photo by Pat Hodges.

After a year’s absence, boat races are returning to Raccoon Lake this weekend.

Alan Owen says a large number of competitors have gathered, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, no spectators are allowed on the Point as in the past.

“We did bring the event here.  We do have a good turnout.  We are going to probably have 200 race entries.  We are going to race Saturday and Sunday from noon to five.”

Owen says for the first time there will actually be two different events taking place.

This is our long course nationals for NBRA, National Boat Racing Association, and then we have the U.S. Title Series that has joined us this year that is another division.  The U.S. Title Series run some different classes. They are a pro-race alcohol division.  All of the NBRA classes are gas.  That is the difference.  They will be reaching some higher speeds with different style of boats.  They have laydown capsule boats and two-man runabout boats that we don’t usually run on our venue.  But we are running together and have teamed up to have this race.”

Owen says like most sports a number of activities earlier this summer have been canceled.   He reports they are making sure to follow all restrictions.

While you cannot attend in person, Castle Ridge is providing a video stream of the races on their Facebook page both Saturday and Sunday.

Competitors in the Raccoon Boat races this weekend. Photos by Pat Hodges.
Speeding along on Raccoon Lake Friday afternoon. Photo by Pat Hodges.