Salem Recycling Center returning

Salem Recycling Center returning

The Salem Recycling Center is coming back.

Keep Salem Beautiful’s Rita Boudet says the Centralia Recycling Center has agreed to begin taking the recyclables collected in Salem on Sunday, September 13th. That's when the collection bins will return to the Marion County Parking lot in the 200 block of North Broadway.

Boudet reports the recycling center will only be emptied two times a week, instead of three, so it could fill up during the times it is emptied on Monday at noon and Friday mornings. Boudet is pleading with everyone NOT to leave recyclables on the parking lot if the recycling center is full or has been taken away to be emptied. She reports if items collect on the parking lot the service may have to be suspended again.

Boudet says the Centralia Recycling Center is working with them but is unable to do more because of limited manpower.  The Recycling program ended in March due to COVID-19 that shutdown the Centralia Recycling Center. The center was able to reopen earlier this summer but at limited capacity due to staff limitations.