Centralia supports $125,000 grant for Centralia business

Centralia supports $125,000 grant for Centralia business

The City of Centralia has passed a resolution in support of the state granting Biocenosis Solutions, Incorporated a $125,000 grant to help them purchase a building at 310 South Chestnut for their operations.

City Manager Lowell Crow says as part of the proposal, Biocenosis will contribute $125,000 of its own capital for additional equipment.

“They are going to generate 5 new jobs as part of updating their facility.”

Councilman David Sauer voiced his support.

“It’s federal money benefiting a local business.  You simply have to support it,” said Sauer.

The council was unanimous in doing so.

There was no public comment at a public hearing prior to last night’s council meeting on the grant proposal.