Selmaville physical education teacher is WJBD-WSIQ Teacher of the Week

Selmaville physical education teacher is WJBD-WSIQ Teacher of the Week

Selmaville physical education teacher Amanda Litteken is honored as WJBD-WSIQ teacher of the week.  Pictured left to right are Selmaville Grade School Superintendent Robin Brooks, Litteken, and WJBD-WSIQ General Manager Bruce Kropp who made the presentation.


COVID-19 restrictions have changed everything for Selmaville Grade School physical education teacher Amanda Litteken.  How she is handling the change has resulted in her being named this week’s WJBD-WSIQ Teacher of the Week.

In the past, group activities were also featured in her classes. Now with colder weather focus is turning to individual activities that can be done inside. That has meant using video and projectors to provide activities. She explained some of what is being done with the grade school students.

“There’s a lot of videos that are called this or that video’s so kids get to pick do they like a pumpkin or black cat better.  And then there is an activity that goes along with each one of them so it could be squats for one and lunges for the other.  We are just trying to make sure we are giving them a big enough break in between so they can catch their breath and they are not exhausted from doing all this.  We want them to be active but we also want them to be able to breathe.

Littiken says for the older kids, physical challenges being presented on videos are being used. She notes the students are competitive in showing what they can do and challenging others.

Littken is currently working on bringing music and physical education together.

“Cardio drumming is something we are looking into.  Everybody would have an activity ball and then drum sticks or some kind of sticks and you go with the rhythm of the song but there is a movement with it that would be the cardio part of it.”

Littiken is learning about the possibilities in PE communities on the internet that are sharing ideas.

Selmaville Superintendent Robin Brooks is commending Litteken for having to redo her entire curriculum.

“The unique challenge with our physical education is we can no longer use the equipment that has been.  She has researched and done her homework and provided our kids a way to be active and get a little exercise in a safe way and that’s the most important thing right now.”

Littiken is in her ninth year as a teacher at Selmaville School.

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