This is opening day of shotgun deer hunting season

This is opening day of shotgun deer hunting season

Firearm deer hunting season kicks off Friday in Illinois.

This is the first weekend for firearm deer hunting, the most popular hunting season of the year.  State Department of Natural Resources spokesperson Rachel Torbert has this reminder.

“For any of our firearm seasons we want to make people have on the correct requirements which will keep them safe and that includes blaze orange or pink hats and upper outer garments that have at least 400 square inches of that color in it.  Just some things that other hunters in the area can see you.”

Torbert says if you get a deer you also have to report it.

“Hunters do still need to report any deer harvested.  And they can do that through our online service or by calling our telephone check-in system.  You will be asked a few questions about the deer like sex and location harvested.  You still have to do that by 10 pm the day you harvested the animal.”

The second firearm deer hunting weekend runs December 3rd through 6th.  Visit: huntillinois.org for more information.