Digi-Tickets go live after two years of planning

Digi-Tickets go live after two years of planning

Traffic tickets in Marion County can now be delivered to the Circuit Clerk’s office digitally directly from the squad car.

Circuit Clerk Ronda Yates says Central City became the first police department to use the program this week.

“As you well know this office trys to keep up on technology.  We’ve been working on this program for approximately two years, with the different agencies.  Phase one is Central City, Centralia, Salem, and Marion County.  A lot of hard work from the agencies has went into it also.  We’ve received our first tickets, what we call digi-tickets into our inbox, straight from the car into the computers and the girls were able to download them with about 4 data entries.  Which is a huge amount of savings when booking a ticket.”

Right now, all of the information on the physical ticket needs to be keyed into the computer system.

The start up of the Digi-Ticket program had a price tag of $75,000 which is coming from her office’s special e-citation fund.

Yates says it is covering the cost of the system for the police departments as well.

“Software equipment, the scanner, the printers, all that equipment we purchased for them through the e-citation fund.  So their cars all equipped with the necessary equipement.”

Yates reports paper and other supplies will also be provided through the special fund set up to complete the project.

Yates says this is the last project she wanted to see completed before leaving office next Monday.