150 medical personnel receive first COVID-19 vaccine during mass immunization

150 medical personnel receive first COVID-19 vaccine during mass immunization

The Marion County Health Department immunized 150 in the medical profession Tuesday during a mass vaccination set up at the Marion County Fairgrounds Exhibit Building.

Health Department Administrator Melissa Mallow is pleased with how those signed up for the vaccine were able to move through the process.

“I think this has worked out very well for the various people in Phase Group 1A the Healthcare.  We reached out to the various facilities, we let the know we were doing it, they had to register.  I think the setup at the Marion County Fairgrounds is excellent.  It’s roomy.  We are able to do social distancing and obviously help take care of the population in Group 1A.”

Mallow says a similar format will be used as more groups are immunized.

“We will be moving on to Phase 1B in the next couple weeks.  We want to make sure everyone in Group 1A get’s their dose and then we will be moving on.”

Mallow says any medical personnel in 1A who has not been vaccinated should contact the health department office in Salem to get on the list for the next clinic. A sign-up process will also be used for public workers and those over 65 in group 1B. You are asked NOT to call until the registration process and clinic dates are released.

The Health Department has already scheduled a February ninth clinic for all those vaccinated on Tuesday to return for their second and final shot.

Mallow says there is absolutely no cost of the vaccine and no health insurance information will be collected.