Senate passes controversial criminal justice reform bill

Senate passes controversial criminal justice reform bill

State Senator Jason Plummer says Senate Democrats rammed through a 764 page “extreme” criminal justice reform proposal early Wednesday morning.

Plummer calls the bill a real and present threat to the safety and well being of our law enforcement personnel, our families and communities.

He fears the measure endangers the safety of our citizens and would make it harder for law enforcement to carry out their jobs. Plummer says there’s no denying it, the measure will put
dangerous and violent offenders back on the streets and threatens the safety of the public. He calls it extreme and inexcusable.

Plummer says unfortunately this is business as usual to push bad and dangerous legislation in the 11th hour, without public input or adequate time to fully vet and understand the full consequences of this proposal.

Plummer adds this is not how our system of government is supposed to work. These types of shenanigans do not lead to a healthy democracy and, in this instance, they make our law enforcement personnel, our families, and our communities less safe.

What is now House Bill 3563 passed the Senate by a vote of 32 to 23.   The bill now goes back to the house for discussion of changes from the original bill.  Wednesday (today) is the final day of the fall veto session.