Central City 2nd Grade Teacher is WJBD-WSIQ Teacher of the Week

Central City 2nd Grade Teacher is WJBD-WSIQ Teacher of the Week

Central City 2nd grade teacher Cassie Stover is this week’s WJBD-WSIQ Teacher of the Week.

Stover is in her 6th year as a teacher at Central City after starting as an aide in the Centralia City Grade School system. She decided she wanted to be a teacher while in high school and picked the younger grades before those kids are the most fun. Stover says Remote Learning has been the most challenging part of her career. However, she notes it’s a lot better now than last spring when schools went to remote learning without much preparation time.

“They have picked up everything.  I mean by now they know what to do, they handle their masks and all the new stuff.  They have adjusted really well this year.”

Stover says the parents are key and they have been great.

“I know not everyone’s schedule is on our schedule so I’ve tried to be available to them as much as possible and do my best to help them with as much tech as I can.  I’m not great but I do the best I can. Usually, that’s our biggest problem where something is not working right.”

Stover likes the excitement when her students come back to the classroom following remote learning sessions.

Central City Grade School Superintendent Tim Brannon commended Slover.

“Every year I’ve watched her grow.  She’s been a leader as far as our technology goes down in our elementary grades.  One of the things she does best is communication with the parents.  Like she said it just isn’t an 8-hour job now.  We have to be on the clock literally 16 hours a day because our schedule doesn’t fit the parents’ schedule.  She is one of them that makes herself available.  That’s the thing that has gone the most unnoticed in general.  A lot of what we do in schools right now we have to do in the evenings and make ourselves available, and she’s been fantastic about that.”

Brannon also commended Stover for being so organized and full of energy.

He notes numerous parents have complimented her on their children enjoying her class. Brannon says while kids have adopted to the COVID-19 restrictions, in many cases, they don’t realize what they are missing in socialization with friends and extracurricular activities.

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