Salem Grade School Board takes another step forward on $4-5-million improvement project

Salem Grade School Board takes another step forward on $4-5-million improvement project

The Salem Grade School Board has taken another step forward on a $4 to $5-million improvement program.

The school board, meeting in special session Thursday night, gave Superintendent Dr. Leslie Foppe permission to sign a performance contract with Omni Energy Partners to oversee the project once a third-party review is completed by Design Mechanical Review, Inc.

“Omni Energy Partners can start getting equipment, getting sub-contractors so that way we can get things set up now so we can get ready before school ends and get the projects completed before school starts.”

Foppe says the package of improvements includes the replacement of the heating and air conditioning system, the ductwork, and the roof at Franklin Park School.

Other Franklin Park improvements include…

  • air ionization system to help remove mold, bacteria, and viruses, replacement and lowering of some ceilings
  • replacement of some of the classroom lighting
  • adding more outlets
  • replacing exterior doors and windows
  • installing new drainage tile and pump station
  • replacing damaged sidewalk
  • extending security lighting.

At Hawthorn, grading for drainage improvements, replacing spouting, sidewalks, and extending security lighting.

Foppe says other improvements could still be added, including parking lot improvements and expansion at both schools.

“The potholes, water stands, and I would just like that nicer for our families when they come to our events and students and staff to walk across when it’s raining.  We also need it to be larger.  When we can have events after Covid, people are parking all over because there are no places.  Our point is to extend it to the road and extend it out to accommodate parking and to light it for safety.”

Foppe says projects can be added through May and be completed this year. She notes the parking lot improvements may be a several-year project.

The projects are being funded through a bond issue being issued on funding from the new 1-cent sales tax to support schools, life-safety, and a possible federal grant designed to help schools make air system improvements.