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Mom warns parents after her toddler is hospitalized for swallowing a battery

Ta’Sha GarrettBy NICOLE PELLETIERE, ABC News(INDIANAPOLIS) — An Indiana mother whose toddler accidentally ingested a button battery is speaking out in hopes to warn parents of this potential risk that could exist inside the home.The battery, which was approximately the size of a quarter, was surgically removed late September at IU Health Riley Hospital for…read more »

Highly anticipated COVID-19 vaccine data from Pfizer unlikely to come before Election Day: CEO

simon2579/iStockBy ARIELLE MITROPOULOS and ERIC M. STRAUSS, ABC News(NEW YORK) — Pfizer executives said in a third-quarter investor presentation on Tuesday they have not seen the first interim efficacy data yet. The Data Monitoring Committee, an independent group of experts monitoring the clinical studies and the data collection, “has not conducted any interim efficacy analyses…read more »

COVID-19 risk on planes ‘very low’ with proper measures, Harvard review says

EllenMoran/iStockBy MINA KAJI and AMANDA MAILE, ABC News(NEW YORK) — The risk of COVID-19 transmission onboard a plane is “reduced to very low levels,” Harvard researchers concluded. The onboard ventilation systems coupled with measures such as masks, frequent cabin cleaning, and distancing during boarding and deplaning help keep the virus from spreading.”This layered approach reduces…read more »

Dr. Deborah Birx calls out North Dakota for poor mask use during pandemic

Rattankun Thongbun/iStockBy MEREDITH DELISO, ABC News(WASHINGTON) — White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx is criticizing North Dakotans for having what she called the poorest mask use in the country, as the state experiences one of the highest rates of COVID-19 transmission nationwide.Birx spent two days in the state this week as part of…read more »

Medical task force recommends lowering suggested age for colorectal screenings

ipopba/iStockBy SASHA PEZENIK and DR. MIRANDA ROSENBERG, ABC News(NEW YORK) — New recommendations from the United States Preventive Services Task Force aim to offset what experts call an alarming trend in American health: a rising number of young people are getting diagnosed with, and dying from, colorectal cancer.The Task Force announced Tuesday morning their proposal…read more »

How to keep your newborn baby healthy during COVID-19 pandemic

SeventyFour/iStockBy DR. MIRANDA ROSENBERG, ABC News(NEW YORK) — Caring for a newborn in the midst of a pandemic may seem daunting and complicated, but there’s good news: The core advice hasn’t changed. Experts still agree on child care basics like rooming in, breastfeeding and regular visits to the pediatrician — just with a few new modifications…read more »