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Mom warns COVID-19 is still ‘serious’ as her 1-year-old fights the virus

Andrea Bell(ANN ARBOR, Mich.) — As COVID-19 vaccines have rolled out and the world begins to slowly reopen, a Michigan mother is encouraging others to continue living with caution as her child fights the virus. “This is serious and it’s killing people,” Andrea Bell told Good Morning America. “Maybe you’re not at risk, but I…read more »

Prisons postpone vaccinations with Johnson & Johnson shots paused

MivPiv/iStock(NEW YORK) — The Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause, likely to last another seven to 10 days while a federal advisory committee evaluates a possible link to a rare but severe blood clotting disorder, may deal a blow to vulnerable populations — the homebound, homeless and incarcerated among them — because it had been easier…read more »

How environmental racism continues to affect communities of color

Courtesy of Shaina Oliver(NEW YORK) — Shaina Oliver’s asthma flares up on cold days. Her kids can’t play outside, often due to the heavy air pollution surrounding their community. “It becomes a burden because you have to buy more air filters for each room,” she said. “And it’s not really possible for everybody to do…read more »

Despite increase in depression during pandemic, suicides may have decreased: Studies

chameleonseye/iStock(NEW YORK) — When the pandemic hit more than a year ago, rates of depression soared, with 28% of respondents in one survey reporting depressive symptoms compared with 9% before COVID-19. As levels of depression rise, public health experts typically expect suicide rates to follow. But two new studies show deaths by suicide possibly declined…read more »

What to know about those getting rare but severe blood clots from J&J vaccine

simon2579/iStock(NEW YORK) — Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccines are still on hold after several patients who had recently received the shot suffered from rare but severe blood clots. Six confirmed cases are being studied by the Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Johnson & Johnson. It’s not yet known whether…read more »